3D Cell Imaging Through X-Ray Microscope

(This was written about last year on PBS but was too cool that I just had to write about it.) The progress of scientific research and technology development greatly depends upon effective imaging solutions to reveal the details of micro-structures of the material being studied so that scientists can understand its properties and behaviors. Especially […]

Can Yogurt Prevent Cancer?

At my high school, I am currently busy conducting an independent research project on the effects of common Lactobacillus strains on heterocyclic amine. Terminology: Lactobacillus- The microorganisms and probiotics that allow Activa to guarantee better digestion. Heterocyclic amine- The type I want to study is the carcinogenic chemicals that form when you cook meat at high temperatures. Since Americans […]

Conclusion that Teen Marijuana Smokers and Long Term Drop in IQ Wrong?

A new study out of Olso, Norway is challenging Duke University’s analysis on the harmful effects of pot on the adolescent brain. Duke’s original study was in last August, where people between the ages of 13 and 38 had their IQs tested and were periodically questioned on marijuana use.  It was concluded that those who […]

A Water Bottle That Can Fill Itself From Air

Scientists got their inspiration for a self-filling water bottle from beetles that live in the Namib Desert. Due to the lack of rainfall, this beetle takes 12% of its body weight in water from the air. Several scientists are working to make this innovative idea a reality. Quoted directly from their website: “Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic […]